It is only logical that i introduce myself right, I am scriptee31, Kenyan (born and raised) a Muslimah, an avid social media enthusiast ( in terms of reading other peoples views and stuffs) read ‘stalker’. I am by no means a writer by profession so i ask for your patience if my writing is not up to par.

Recently during the Easter break we had an unfortunate tragedy that took the life of soo  many young (#147NotJustANumber) , enthusiastic, innocent Kenyans who were busy going about getting educated and hoping to improve their life and those of their loved ones. I will not pretend to know their families’ pain, disbelief, anger and disappointment among other indescribable emotions  as words can never ever express the pain of losing a loved one save the fact  the way they had to lose them, MY HEART FELT CONDOLENCES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.It broke my heart and those of all Kenyans and every other person i know, I could not believe it especially the part where the said butchers claimed to do it for the sake of ALLAH, It beat me completely but that’s for another day i will not waste my time giving them acknowledgement in my writing, I will let the scholars of Islam debate their validity et al but as a human i say they lack credibility, spirituality and everything that makes one human, I pray that they be guided and stop their madness and terror .

Now to the title itself, We bleed  and suffer too, as Muslims Yes we do, Every time a tragedy hits this nation we suffer with it because we are a part of it, because GOD/ ALLAH/ NGAI/ MULUNGU/MWATHANI/ ENGAI Whatever name you refer  him by made pain and suffering universal and enmeshed empathy in every hearts fabric thus It hurts whenever i go on-line or meet people and most of them expect me to know everything that goes on with every single person practicing the same religion as myself and that i should share in their evil acts and even apologize on their behalf, How does that even make sense ? That i should help in snuffing them out, How do i even do that ? That i should stop or quit my religion and every outward symbol of it, Is that even fair or just ? That beats all doctrines of justice and fairness.

Yes i am whining, complaining and venting, Why do we have to suffer twice ? Cause whenever terrorism strikes this nation we as Muslim citizens suffer too, we feel the pain, we ask questions just like any other Kenyan, We also suffer when we get discriminated against, by the government, institutions and citizens, because of it.

Trust me it’s not flattering being called alshabab just because i have a buibui and a scarf on my head, It’s anything but thrilling when you are using public transport and everyone is giving you the eye,others getting off the bus because ‘Siezi panda gari moja na ‘alshabab, heri nikufe nikitembea’ like how is that even logical, It is okay to be angry and scared but it is not okay to pass on that same feeling to other innocent people. The other day a grown man was sitting in front of us in a public transport and he suddenly just turned around asked us ” Mbona nyinyi alshabab mnapenda kuua wakristo especially wa Kenya ? ” which translates to why do we alshabab like to kill Christians especially Kenyans.We were so angry and scared stiff because everyone on the bus turned to look at us and i could see pity, anguish, anger, hate and loads of other emotions in their eyes. What happened to the term ‘ To every man his deeds’ ? When did collective punishment become right or fair ?

Fear,anger and need to do something about ‘it’ is not a green light to abuse, infringe and deny other citizens of this country their rights “

Dear Kenyans, Our religion does not make us stiff, terrorists, pain proof, without empathy or bullet / bomb proof ( insert all the  Muslims who have been killed by the terrorists here in Kenya and anywhere else in the world ) WE BLEED AND SUFFER TOO , Snap we do.


Yours truly,


Saying  Bismillah before drinking alcohol does not make it halal just like shouting Allahu Akbar and killing innocent people”

Calling all Muslims al shabab and harassing them will not stop the terrorists from blowing up people up and furthering their filth, in fact it makes you a terrorist of some sort”


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